Important Info Regarding COVID-19

As you may have heard, we are closed until at least May 4. We want you to know that the salon fully supports anything we can do to "flatten the curve" and contribute to helping the cause of this terrible virus.  We are sad that we can't be with you, and we know that getting your haircut or colored is a part of normalcy that we all want back!  All we can say, is please try and look at a bigger picture and beyond just you in this situation. Know that so many are feeling the way you do, and anyone who is struggling to see why we can't just "do one quick cut" or "just put in a few foils"  please know that this is beyond our control!Although a month feels like a very long time, in the grand scheme it is actually not. We encourage you to let your hair down, let it be, let it grow, and feel free from the pressure of having it done for the time being!  We know that is hard, and are coming from a place of understanding!  We encourage you to reach out to your stylist, or the salon to go over any questions or concerns you have. We want to hear from you! 

What We are Doing.... Root Touch Ups  If you are a client that has missed or going to miss an appointment between March 21st and May 4th and are doing a ONE PROCESS COLOR. Meaning you do not get foils, but put color directly onto your scalp, please respond to this via email. I can go over solutions with you and possibly have a touch up kit that may be available to you. This is for Bliss Spa & Salon clients only, and will only be provided to certain clients that meet the needs for one. If you believe you are one of those people please respond to and I can go over next steps with you.  

Product Orders  If you are in need of any products please respond to this via email with what you may need. Any blonde clients that may have needed a toner, a purple or blue shampoo is recommended and you can respond to this email to order one! We have most of our retail available to us still so if there is a need for products please let me know!  


  Social Media  We are working on staying connected via social media! If you are not already please follow us on Instagram @blissspaandsalon2008 or liking our Facebook page by searching Bliss Spa & Salon This way you will see and get more regular updates from us throughout the month. We try and post daily/every few days in order to be in touch so give us a follow and like!  

Gift Cards We have gift cards available online on our website. If you go to the home page you can purchase one online! 

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