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Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Love being a spa client at Bliss? You are about to love it even more! We have redesigned our facials to become bespoke upon each guest we work with. Now our choices are endless and your experience will be much more catered to your skins every need. We are pulling inspiration form Dermalogica’s wide array of lines with the familiar names of AgeSmart, MediBac, and Ultracalming among others. Not only will your skin get the attention it deserves but our relaxing massaging techniques touch on all the stressful areas we feel every day and will put your mind at ease. We hope that you will enjoy our new approach to our skin care as much as we will in providing it for you.

Our New treatment starting as of June 15, 2018 is now:

Bliss Signature Facial $99

Below we have outlined some of the exciting new changes for our new Bliss Signature Facial.

*Full 60-minute facial (previous Bliss facial 50-60 min)

*Heated mitts and boots with hydrating lotion complimentary

* Customized product from every treatment line bespoke to each client’s needs

* More focused and longer massaging for face, neck, shoulders, hands, and arms

*Longer consult time to discuss skin regimen, answer skin questions and recommendations for products based off our customized treatments

Our Mini Facials will also be transitioning to our new bespoke treatments.

Mini Bliss Signature $59

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