It's not forever . Just for now.

Please start here and read each of the tabs under the dropdown menu for COVID RULES.

Our industry is recognized as a "high contact" profession.  Because of that, we are at a higher risk of receiving and transferring Coronavirus as is anyone else who comes through our door.  We also have to operate under the assumption that all of us are potential carriers of COVID19. 


While we operate under the strictest of sanitation guidelines and procedures, it is 99% impossible to maintain social distance while servicing our guests.  So it is for THIS reason, that we must all abide by and understand the requirements being placed on our specific industry in order for us to be able to keep our doors open.  


We appreciate your patience and understanding in what will be a challenging but TEMPORARY time and we look forward to the day when these restrictions can be loosened or eliminated.  


It's also important to know during these uncertain times, if for any reason, at any point in time, our stylists are in fear for their own personal health or safety, they have been granted the right to refuse or even suspend services. This may be difficult if it happens, but the owners will fully support their decision & of course always work with our guests for an acceptable solution.

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